Sunday, August 15, 2010

sunday sundry

Does that title even make sense? In my mind, "sundry" means "assorted" or "varied." I'm sure I could go look it up, but that seems like a lot of work right now. I'll just take a chance. Grammar-istas (or -istos), feel free to let me know.

Anyway, I have absolutely nothing of excitement to share, only a few random things. My weekend has been okay. Friday, as you know, was pretty miserable. But we managed to salvage Saturday and enjoy ourselves, and today has been a bit better as well.

Yesterday we spent some time at Home Depot. This is always a fun (but expensive) past-time for us. Do you remember the china cabinet we're resurrecting? Don't think that a lack of progress updates means we've forgotten our project. Renovations are well underway, although I must admit I can't really take the credit for most of the work these days. I guess Matt is encouraged to keep at it because the dismantled cabinet is taking up his car's parking spot in the garage...and maybe he wants to get this project done so that he can have his spot back. That's my theory, anyway. So anyway, this project has led us on many shopping ventures to Home Depot. I remember when we first got the cabinet, we were so excited by the "steal" of a price...well, trust me, the actual buying of the cabinet has been FAR cheaper than any of the subsequent trips to Home Depot! There's the power tools, the lumber to replace warped/broken wood, the stains, the hardware, the sanding pads and belts, the special brushes for the stains and the poly...ay yi yi. But anyway. So yesterday as we're perusing the aisles again, I came across something awesome-- and completely un-related to the china cabinet.

When I saw this, it reminded me that I've seen it advertised in some DIY magazine before and that I'd thought it was the coolest thing! You see, our house is slap full of those ugly brass doorknobs. Like this:

And personally, they offend me. Or at least my eyes. And I don't understand why a house built in 2003 would even have them. Didn't people stop liking those in like...1986? Anyway. So of course it's been on my to-do list since we bought the house...replace those stinkin' doorknobs. But then let's face it. My to-do list for this house was long. Many things on the list were like...actually essential for our being able to habitate here (flooring, for example. And working toilets). So over the past year, I've never really gotten around to replacing perfectly-functioning doorknobs. A new doorknob, even the cheapest Home Depot-branded ones, are still like $8. And we probably need about 20 of them. And it's just never been high enough on the priority list. But when I saw that spraypaint yesterday, I had an epiphany-- just PAINT the danged things!! It seemed perfectly brilliant to me. The paint was like $4 or something, so it would definitely be worth the gamble.

And here's what we have today:

Yay!! A less-hideous doorknob! Please note that I did not think to paint the...whatever the thing that attaches to the doorjamb to the right of the knob is. Ha. Isn't that klassy? Don't worry, I'll get it later. So anyway, that was my DIY project for the weekend (day). One doorknob. We'll see if I get around to some more.

This morning, as we ate our cereal, Matt and I had a little competition of sorts. Not against each other (because we always have to be on the same team), but between our many boxes of cereal. Yes, we are the only two people living in this house. And yes, every single one of these boxes has to be on the table if we're eating cereal. I mean, who knows? What if you have a sudden mid-bowl urge to add a little Fiber One to your bowl of Total? You wouldn't want to have to walk all the way to the kitchen, would you?? Right, exactly.

Anyway, we decided to pick the ultimate health winner from our five contenders (Total, Multigrain Cheerios, Frosted Mini Wheats, Fiber Plus Antioxidants, and Fiber One) We went nutrient-by-nutrient down the Nutrition Facts labels and gave the "winner" of each category (you know...whoever had the least calories won...whoever had the most potassium won...etc.) a tally mark. If multiple cereals tied for winning, they both could get the tally mark.

It was a very intense competition.

I just had a thought that I should let yall vote on who you think won. But then I realized you can probably read the tally marks in that picture, so there would be way too much cheating going on.

The winner was...Total!

How exciting. Unfortunately, Total did not win in the very-subjective Taste Competition. I declare that winner to be Frosted Mini Wheats. I might change my mind tomorrow, though. My cereal loyalties are very changeable.

And that's pretty much been the weekend. Doorknobs and cereal. What can I say, I'm a very exciting person. :)


  1. That paint is a genius idea! I want you to do more so I can know if it's still working well and then steal the idea for my house.

  2. I have a few blogger friends that have done the doorknob spray thing and they say it holds up. :) Just think, when you get them all done, you'll be able to put another checkmark on your list! (Because I KNOW you are a "listy" like me!)

  3. there is way too much fiber cereal going on here!

  4. All of that cereal is boring and gross. I KNOW Pops, Fruit Loops and Cinnamon Toast crunch would demoish the competition in EVERY category if you just gave them a chance.

  5. Hi Erika! Thanks for the compliments! I figured out we were sorta-kinda neighbors because I looked around on your blog and recognized your house...and then i saw where you lived in Statham. We knew the house has foreclosed on, too. So there ya have it. We still own the house. We have a great renter named Stephanie. I hope she is keeping our house up. :) She has just re-signed the lease for another 12 months! YAY! We love our little house. It was so perfect for us when we lived there. My husband built that shed to match our house. We redid the landscaping and cleared the backyard when we lived there. We did alot to make it our own, just as you and your hubby are doing to yours. Well I am glad I finally said Hello! :)


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