Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A friend of mine (I can call her that even though we've never met in real life, right? Blog/FB friends=real friends in my book.) sometimes does a Wednesday feature called "Way Back When-sday" where she posts an old picture and a story/explanation to go with it. I like this idea because I have lots of old pictures and no real reason to share any of them. Also, I have no NEW pictures (due to 2 broken cameras) and no new cameras on the horizon, so this will be a convenient way to not have an entirely picture-less blog. So today, on my very first edition of Way Back When-sday, I bring you this:

 Who says I can't have my very own baby blog full of pictures of adorable boxing babies?? In case you were wondering who the baby is (or suspecting I have actually gone of the deep end and made good on my threat to just kidnap the next cute baby I see)...well, it's me. I know. Cute ol' me, 27 or so years ago. Look at that form! The intensity!! It's no wonder I've grown up to be the boxing phenom I am. 

And because it's my blog and my "Way Back Whens-day" rules, I am going to post ANOTHER picture. I know, crazy. But I'm my own boss, thankyouverymuch. And this next picture is ALSO going to be of me, because I happen to think I was a very cute baby, and since I don't have any pictures of my OWN babies to post, I think you guys should just get a sneak picture of what one of my future biological kids COULD look like, if they are lucky.

There are so many things to love about this picture. A) It's a POLAROID like for realz. B) My mother conveniently labeled it so that we have no doubts about when the pic was snapped and how old I was. C) I have approximately the same swimsuit physique now as I did then, only then it was way cuter. Fail!

So thus concludes my shrine to myself  exhibition of reasons I really should seriously biologically procreate. I basically owe it to the world to share these genes with another generation, right? (Haters, keep your comments to yourself. Or, don't. Mean comments are better than NO comments!)

So, Spring Break has come and gone. Sorry you didn't get a riveting Day 5 recap. It basically went like this: Straightened up the house for my parents arrival. Started reading a book. Read on the back porch in the sun. Got hot, moved to the front porch glider (in the shade). Moved back to the back porch. Moved back to the front porch. Repeat all day long until parents arrive. Obtain the most obnoxious tank-top-tan lines in the history of the world. 

We had a great time with my parents and managed to hit up some amazing yard sales on Saturday. The rest of the weekend was warm and relaxing and a Monday back at work was a cruel reality to face. Tuesday brought with it a horrible and shocking hijacking/murder of police officer/high speed chase/manhunt across Athens that resulted in two days (so far) of being on lockdown at school. Since they still haven't caught the dude, the whole city (and surrounding towns) are in a high state of tension and fear, and school has been an absolute mess. Try explaining to terrified four-year-olds that they're safe, the "bad guy with the gun" can't get them...but yet, we can't go outside to recess, can't leave the building, have to block the windows, can't go in the hallways...but you're safe baby, you're safe! Ugh. I hate that the kids even know about what's going on.

So...that was a downer, right? I don't want to minimize the horror of what's happened, but I also think we need to end this blog on a more positive note...don't you agree?

Obviously the perfect way to end will be another adorable picture of me. In this one, I demonstrate that ponytails are not only my current everyday solution for hair situations, but that I have always found the ponytail to be the Best Thing Ever. And also, the next time my mom nags me about "why do you always have to wear your hair in a ponytail?" I will use this picture as evidence that it wasn't really my idea, I was just raised that way. BOOM!

PS. Also, I hope you are as inspired by the amazing plaids above as I am. Truly I should strive to find more ways to incorporate plaid into my decorating these days! God bless 1983...


  1. Ha I think you are mixing me up with my twin- she's the one that does WBW, but still, glad you are carrying on the tradition! Super cute pics- and I agree that 1983 WAS a great year... things were so much simpler back then :)

    And not to worry, one day we will both have cute babies to excessively blog about and annoy the world with!! (sorry for the dangling prepositions...)

  2. Just saw the fb exchange and read your blog - glad you are a fan of the WBW posts! And I must also agree that 1983 was also an awesome year :)

  3. Erika! You "were" so cute as a baby!! :) I'm looking forward to next Wednesday- we need pictures of Mattie. And you could find one of those websites that combine baby pictures to get a eery looking future baby.

  4. What a neat blog post! :) 1983 was a fabulous year, indeed!

  5. You are funny. You need to procreate mostly to pass those humor genes along


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