Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's Wednesday night and I'm home alone (don't tell all the robbers and murderers who are surely stalking my every move!). I exercised, ate, and showered. There's nothing on TV, but that's okay.

It's been pouring rain all day, and cold, and all I can think of is


Oh, sweet summer. How I long for you. How I anticipate your arrival.

So I've spent the night thinking about how great it's going to be when it's warm again and all the things I am going to be able to do and...mostly tan I am going to be.

I love being tan. It's probably in my Top 5 Passions list (not that I have such a list, but now that I mention it, maybe I should make one?).

In that vein (vain? Am I vain?), I bring you a photo montage of Reasons I Want it to be Summer. Subtitle: Pictures of Me Being Tan.

I want it to be summer so that Matt and I can start ridiculous home renovation projects and I can wear tank tops and use power tools.

I want it to be summer so that I can go to the beach.

I want it to be summer (really, spring will do!) so that we can plant our garden and flower beds and grow veggies and flowers and I can spend every evening and weekend on my hands and knees pulling weeds and pondering life. Yes, I really look forward to that.

(Please note that I am not in the above photo. This must prove I'm not 100% vain.)

 I even want it to be summer so that I can spend hours every week riding my super ghetto riding lawnmower around, praying it doesn't blow up or otherwise maim me. 

 Actually, scratch that. I think I'm just going to borrow my neighbor's (much newer, fancier, nicer) lawnmower again this year. Every time he saw me getting mine out last year he would drive his over and say "please, just use mine." Protesting was useless because he would fight back all day until I wore down and just used his. Which was really my plan all along anyway, I just didn't want to seem so obvious.

I want it to be summer so that I can spend a few days doing this:
  Please, oh PLEASE, God, let there be a beach trip in my future this summer. Even if it's not as nice as this beach in Mexico...I'll settle for East Coast, whatever, just let there be a beach!!!

Spring Break is next week. I have high hopes the weather will be spring-y and I will be able to engage in at least some of the above activities. I have loads of exciting plans (haha), such as re-painting our dining room and laundry room. Oh, and getting a massage. That actually is super exciting! That's on Wednesday. And I am going to spend every single minute that it is over 64 degrees and sunny (and not too windy) outside. Planting. Weeding. Digging. Reading. Walking. I don't care what it is as long as it is OUTSIDE.

Dear Summer (weather): Please Come Soon. Love, Erika

In other news, something is wrong with my pinky. It hurts really bad. Since I don't recall injuring it (jamming, twisting, or anything like that), I can only assume that it is rotting from the inside. Or I have developed severe arthritis over the course of one day. In one knuckle. Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure I'm dying. Just wanted to let yall know.


  1. umm...I'm home alone tonight too (well, A is here but she is sleeping.)
    why don't you live next door to me?

  2. I'm longing for summer too. It I call up a church friend of mine and asked if I missed a memo about building an ark. She laughed hysterically. I don't even need a beach.. just some chips/salsa/cheese dip on Mexican restaurant's patio will do.


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