Friday, March 11, 2011

did I curl my hair for this??

This morning I woke up, got up, and decided to curl my hair.

I don't usually bother for work. A ponytail suits my job and my morning routine just fine. But it's the last day before Spring Break, so I figured...why not look cute?

Fifteen minutes into the procedure, my stomach started hurting.

Oh, please no.

It's the first thing that popped in my head. Some stomach "thing" has been going around my school. Just yesterday one of the teachers I work with had to leave because he was vomiting rather profusely. 

I kept curling. I haven't had a stomach bug in years. I think maybe in high school? Dunno. It's been awhile. 

In pain, I finished curling. I dressed. I put on the bare minimum of makeup. I am skipping out on the details of some other unpleasantries I experienced. You're welcome. 

I called in for 2 hours of sick leave. I will re-assess at 9:30 to see if I can make the drive to work and survive the day. Since I haven't run a fever or actually vomited, I feel like a big ol' slacker taking the day off. And yet my stomach hurts too much to do anything but lay here and whine. (Note: I'm 95% sure it's not another cyst episode, so not to worry. It hurts in a different way than that.)

So let me sum up the pros and cons of going to work.

Cons: I might throw up or otherwise have a negative stomach-related event occur during the 30-minute drive. Or at school. And then I'd have to drive home again. Or I might just keep feeling like crap and be useless at school anyway.

Pros: Won't look like a sketch-ball calling in sick the Friday before Spring Break. Won't waste curled hair.

I have about 27 minutes to make my decision. Vote now!!


  1. Are you feeling ANY better?? I do think it's pretty sketch calling in sick right before Spring Break. I would feel like all the teachers are whispering about me during lunch..

  2. Stay home! Milk it for what it's worth. If it is a bug, people will be pissed that you came to get everyone sick the day before break. Even if you don't barf, having the unpleasant symptoms you mentioned but didn't name could be a precursor to barfing and maybe staying home means you can fight it off before it becomes a big problem. Just sayin'...

  3. I don't like being the tie-breaker comment...too much pressure!

    Ummm...I think Amanda is spot on with the sketch discussions... however, if you make everyone else sick for spring break as Artskykatie mentions, then that discussion may be worse!

    I am really bad at being third in a discussion!

    So, um... if you think you can make it without puking and you still don't have any fever...go to work... if the puking is still an immediate concern, don't go...

    Just be sure to talk about how sick you were when you get back to school after Spring Break!

  4. I hope you feel better we have had that bug go around here too. I am so nervous about getting it. I hope you don't have that nasty stuff. Take care drink plenty of fluids. Ginger Ale, Gatorade, and Sprite work for me. Saltines, Jello, and Popsicles are nice too. My doctor recommended hot things like chicken broth, toast, and coffee. I am not a coffee person but I was extremely surprised at how the broth did soothe my stomach. Feel Better!

  5. I'm late, but what did you decide? I was doing Lainey's hair one afternoon before we headed out and she started whining her stomach hurt. She pressed where it hurt and threw up and then felt perfectly fine. Strange. PS: I would have stayed home too. Let 'em talk!


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