Thursday, March 17, 2011

relaxing (SB day 3)

Yesterday was very relaxing. I think I could easily say it was how I picture all of my days could be if I didn't have to work. I say "could" because...well, in addition to not working, I would need a much bigger allowance to make it happen...but a girl can dream, right??

After kicking the day off by writing a very snarky-but-therapeutic blog, I rushed to my 10:30 massage. It was an hour and a half of bliss, courtesy of my wonderful husband. He gave me the massage as my birthday gift (way back in December), and it took me this long to redeem it...but it was worth the wait! (Don't worry, I actually still have one MORE massage/facial I received as a gift in December as well that I have yet to redeem. Apparently I hoard massages?) I think that when Matt and I become wealthy (which is surely only a matter of time, right? ONE of these get-rich-quick schemes Matt thinks of has GOT to pay off eventually, right?) I will definitely start budgeting for massages. Like, every day. It was ninety minutes well spent, for sure.

After the massage, I treated myself to a very overpriced salad at Marti's. I hadn't been there in 3 or 4 years, and evidently in the meantime I developed amnesia about how expensive it is...but by the time I found parking (on the street, which I abhor) and had already been dreaming about this salad all day...I was too committed to turn back. Oh well, goodbye money, nice knowing ya! 

I took the salad to-go and went to Mollyanne's house to hang out. (Am I on the ball with links today, or am I on the BALL?!!) (PS. That expression makes no sense if you think about it literally.) We spent Hudson's naptime chatting about calories and childbirth and Biggest Loser, and when Hudson woke up I wowed him with my amazing bubble-gum-bubble blowing-and-popping skills. "Buh-buh?" he would say, as he pointed to my mouth and distorted his lips and tongue in an attempt to be as awesome as me. He was a very demanding bubble-task-master, so we decided to distract him by going to the park. It was a beautiful day yesterday, so it was nice to do some swinging and sliding. Afterward we went to Yoforia and had some tasty treats. 

After Matt got home from work, we worked out (thus negating the massage), ate dinner, and spent the night lounging, as per usual. Today it is supposed to be sunny and warm (75!) and I'm not sure what I'll be doing, but it will definitely be outside and involve a bikini. I'm just sayin. But first it has to get out of the 40s, which is where the mercury currently stands, which is entirely unacceptable to me.

Random Thoughts:
1. I think I am the only person in the world who doesn't watch The Bachelor.
2. I take typing tests for fun because I am an awesome typer and I like when it tells me I am 180% faster than the average typer. I like being awesome at something, even if it's something lame like typing.
3. I might paint a picture today, but I can't decide what it should be of.
4. What should I get Matt for his birthday (April 5)?
5. I want to decorate our nursery because I'm tired of it just being an empty room.
6. This whole Spring Break (thus far) I haven't taken a single nap or slept past 7am. 

I think that is enough for now. Happy Thursday!


  1. I don't watch The Bachelor either, so you aren't the only one... however, I concur that we are probably the minority.

    And I'm no good at birthday presents, it takes me FOREVER to come up with Michael one for EVERY occasion! Sorry!

  2. Ok so in regards to your list at the bottom:
    2. I take typing tests for fun, too!!
    4. Same question, except Brian's birthday is May 3.
    5. I had the EXACT same thought about decorating the nursery just yesterday... sad.

  3. why don't you come over during Adoration's nap time? oh yeah. I live 4 hours away. sigh.

  4. Sounds like a fab day! I don't watch The Bachelor either, I still take typing tests and I suck at finding gifts for Brandon other than clothes or sports related stuff. Oh and I'm totally jealous that it is laying out weather!

  5. I don't watch the Bachelor. I have spent my college spring break working on stuff for class, substitute teaching, getting things ready for our High School/Middle School Dodgeball Tournament for Relay for Life Ready (it is this Friday), and helping out with History Day (they research, do process papers, a. bibs, and design backdrops(think science fair boards to the extreme) or they can come up with a skit and perform it). Believe it or not this is a lot of fun and I have learned a great deal from helping.
    The massage sounds wonderful. I am glad you are enjoying your spring break. Maybe try out some recipes I have placed on my blog and tell me what you think. Take Care!

  6. I love Martis pimento cheese and pita chips....YUMMMMM!!! Now I want some! Too bad I am 2 hours away!

  7. I don't watch the Bachelor..I think it's pathetic!


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