Friday, March 18, 2011

sunny (SB day 4)

The fourth day of Spring Break was a sunny and warm one, so you know I was happy about that. I started the day off with a nice long chat (G-chat, literally!) with a wonderful old friend (old because we've been friends for a long time...not because she's actually old. Even though she is...she really isn't. Got it?). It was a wonderful start to a wonderful day.

I met up for a belated birthday lunch with my almost-sister Catherine.  We ate at one of my OMG FAVORITE RESTAURANTS OMG ever, Cali 'n Titos.(Why do they not have a webpage of their own? Because they're TOO BUSY MAKING THE BEST FOOD EVER, that's why!) Can I just be the first to say that one reason I am reluctant to consider ever moving away from Athens is because I would die without the divine restaurant choices we have here. I am not convinced that other towns have comparably delicious (and mostly affordable) locally-owned restaurants. So anyways, yes. We enjoyed our fish tacos and maduros and mango tea at a sunny table in the 65 degree weather and it was divine. 

Afterwards we took an afternoon road-trip adventure to Greensboro (where Catherine lives, about 40 minutes away from Athens) where we made some valiant attempts at home repairs. We had a goal to replace the bathroom sink fixture (you know, handles, drain, faucet...) that was about 1000 years old (not much of an exaggeration-- her house IS over 100 years old AND listed on the National Registry of Historic Homes (I might have the name of that Registry not quite right, but you get the idea)) and disgustingly rusted and corroded. Well...we managed to get most of the old fixture removed. Enough that you certainly couldn't use it anymore. But then we lacked a proper tool to complete the removal, so we were stuck until someone could go to the hardware store. So with that project completely not-finished, we moved on to our next project: replacing the equally ancient light fixture. Props to Catherine for thinking to cut the breaker; luckily no electrocution was involved. This time we managed to completely get the old fixture off, but again, due to a lack of proper tools and the fact that apparently 100 years ago they didn't use standard 'junction boxes' (because I now know what that is)...we weren't able to actually install the new fixture. In case you're keeping track, that means, yes: she now has no light and no sink faucet in her bathroom. So if you see Catherine and her make-up is all wacky and she looks kind of dirty, at least you know why. She's living in the 19th century now.

Having done as much damage as we possibly could to her bathroom, we decided it was best to embark upon something we're much better at doing: laying out. We went out to Catherine's grandfather's lake house and enjoyed about 4 minutes of sun on the dock before the shade overtook us. Oh well. We stayed another hour anyway, because it was peaceful and fun and because we needed to fully contemplate taking a joy-ride in the neighbor's fishing boat (and/or stealing all of their beer). In the end, we ended up doing neither, but we had fun planning it anyway.

And now, because I lack any actual pictures from yesterday, I would like to present you with a photo montage of Catherine & I's highly-photographed and storied past. Please remember that her birthday was this past Monday (PI DAY, best birthday ever!) (and really, that's irrelevant, I just wanted to tell you) and remember that we have been friends and/or roommates for almost TEN YEARS now and are clearly, as you will soon be able to tell, some of the most ridiculous people you've ever met.

 Here we are in our college apartment. Sometimes we got the urge to pretend we were ballerinas.

One summer at a church retreat we worked. I love this picture.

On one of our many trips to Disney World. We enjoy DW (together) probably more than most adults should.

Watching a bowl game with friends. I believe we lost that year, but not for any lack of enthusiasm on our part!

At a "high society formal" that we enjoyed hosting/attending every year a few years back.

In our college apartment before my 21st birthday. I post this pic because Catherine has awesome hair, but I am questioning the jean jacket WITH jeans??? I think her fashion sense has evolved since then.

And...I just spent about an hour and a half (no lie) attempting to find the pictures from one of our beach trips (Amelia Island, Spears) and they are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND ON MY HARD DRIVE and I am majorly stressing. However, trust me: we've been to many beaches together and it's always a good time because we are two highly dedicated people when it comes to laying out...and "running" to the pier and back.

So, Spring Break day 4 was full of sunshine and friends, and I couldn't really ask for anything more. last day *sob* of official Spring Break...I am preparing for my parents' arrival and (once again) attempting to get some sun.

PS. If it sounds like I am obsessed with the sun, well...I might be. But please note that I am not ridiculous, I always usually wear sunscreen, I rarely burn (thanks to my Italian mama), and I am only this obsessed when it's early in the spring and I am stuck wearing shorts with really pale legs. My goal is to be about as dark as I am in that church retreat pic above, I don't like getting darker than that. Just so you know I'm not some crazed tanning-bed-Jersey-Shore-esque kinda girl...


  1. I miss ya'll so much.

    So one of these days *SOON* we should really do a grown-up beach trip together.
    Put our x-tra pennies together and rent a house for a couple of days.

  2. Fun fact: We have "casual Fridays" at work and the idea is that you can wear jeans. There is one guy in my department who- almost every Friday-wears a denim shirt with his jeans, and it has been deemed the "joutfit" (jean-outfit). Thought you might appreciate that :)

  3. WHOA! I'm not sure I approve of all those pics! That is hilarious about the jean jacket and jeans though--b/c I'm sure, though my fashion sense HAS evolved, this is probably one of the first of many pics we look back on in ten years and think, "What. Was. I. Wearing?" [Think poofy sleeved 80's wedding dresses now...]


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