Thursday, July 12, 2012

scenes from last night

 It's been storming almost every evening/night lately. That's both strange and nice. Good because it means I don't have to spend an hour every evening watering the plants. Bad because it means Lola has to have a coronary every night. 

Last night, pre-probable-storm, I went outside to inspect the flowers. I was pretty enthralled with this one bright and illuminated white cloud in the sky, surrounded by dark gray storm clouds.
I knocked on the window to get Matt to come outside to see. Apparently he was underwhelmed, since he stared at me for like five minutes, saying "is this seriously why you made me come outside?" with this snarky expression on his face. Yeah, whatever. Sometimes you have to stop and appreciate the clouds. Which are incidentally not easy to photograph (well).

I was super excited to see that my canna lilies have bloomed. They are waaaaaaay late this year, and I have no idea why, but I'm just glad they showed up! Apparently they're going with the better late than never mantra, embraced by most people in the world that aren't me. But when it comes to plants, I suppose I will accept lateness over never-ness.

 My favorite thing about my cannas is that they are third generation. They are from my grandmother's house in Texas. A long time ago, my mom took some and transplanted them to her yard in Augusta. And then three years ago, when we bought our house, my mom transplanted some of them from her house to mine. See? Three generations. It makes me happy to know that my mom, grandmother, and I are all seeing the same flowers bloom.
We picked our first lima beans!!
  ...and went ahead and cooked and ate them. Even though we'd already eaten dinner. I know. Sometimes we're crazy like that. But what else could we have done with our 11 or so beans that amounted to about 4 bites?

They were some good bites, though.

Other than farming, I spent most of the evening looking up and narrowing down bacon recipes for this weekend's Bacon Fest. Yes, you read me right. A party devoted to BACON. Last year's pretty much blew my mind, and I've been counting the minutes until this year's. And now the time is drawing nigh. Be still my heart (and stomach).


  1. The fact that you have a flower that is third generation means you are officially a super serious gardener (at least in my mind).

  2. I am not going to tell Brian that you are having a party revolving around bacon because he will most certainly request that we do the same. And that sounds like a lot of effort.

  3. I love having family flowers! My mom has some 100 year old hydrangeas (from my grandmother) that she will be splitting with me!

  4. I love your third generation flowers.

    And all I can think about when you say Bacon Fest is YUM YUM! I wish I had some bacon today!

  5. The storm: That cloud is pretty neat; I would totally make my husband come outside to see it, too!

    The lilies: Just gorgeous! And really cool that they are third generation!

    The lima beans: I hate lima beans but I have never had fresh ones (only the nasty, wrinkled, dried out frozen ones). Are fresh ones a lot better? I imagine they are because everything is better fresh and at least double better homegrown!

    And bacon fest: Sounds AMAZING (even to a vegetarian!). Bacon was the only meat I relapsed with after becoming vegetarian (okay, ham, too, but that was a special circumstance). We became veggie when I was 4 and when I was 7 bacon was served at a friend's slumber party for breakfast. I ate about 6x more bacon than any other kid that morning and it was GOOD!

  6. ..bacon...fest? Oh my.

    Those calla lilies are beautiful!!

  7. Please send some of your rain our way. We have had horrible heat and no storms. It's supposed to rain this Saturday and I think it may be the only time I'm soooo looking forward to a rainy Saturday :)

    Those Canna lilies are awesome and even more so because they are third generation. As soon as we buy a house I am raiding my aunt's garden for her plants which she got from my mom.

    And my husband may just agree to a visit to Georgia solely because of Bacon Fest. But it might have to be Bacon Fest 2014 or something like that! Ha ha ha!

  8. Why can't I come to your bacon party?

    I have never heard of those lilies, but they are so gorgeous and exotic looking! Love those bright orange spots. You are quite the photographer.


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