Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Whoa kids. Last night's new recipe (recommended by my friend Diana) was PERFECTION-- and by perfection, I mean it successfully contained all elements of a Recipe Trifecta: Easy. Delicious. Cheap. Ready for it?

Source: thekitchn.com via Erika on Pinterest

Gnocchi with Squash and Sweet Corn

It was amaaaaaazing!!! Look-- mine even turned out to look pretty much like theirs!
I used whole wheat gnocchi, that's why it's darker than the "real" picture. This was my first experience cooking AND eating gnocchi, and it definitely won't be my last-- it was super FAST and easy and delicious! This recipe was totally a winner, and you need to go make it immediately. Like now. Go. Seriously.


Other exciting happenings of late?
 Stocked up on my (mostly mindless) reading materials for post-surgery entertainment. If you suspect that I choose books based on their covers, then you would be absolutely correct.

Found a new visitor in my flower bed. Seriously, I should go work for Animal Planet...I am out of control with the animal videos these days! (Iguanas, bears...yeah.)

Current favorite Olympic sport: Synchronized diving (WOMENS, please...cannot handle the mens' banana hammocks...ick). I am currently accepting applications for synchro diving partners. I am looking to win the 2016 Games (WATCH OUT, CHINESE), so let me know if you're interested in being on my team. Oh, I'm also looking for a coach, because HOW THE HECK DO THEY DO THAT??!

Favorite thing about the Olympics (other than...ya know, the Olympics...): the way that everyone comes dragging in to work in the morning because they were all up late watching the Games. And how you can talk about them all day long and everyone can participate in the conversation, because EVERYONE LOVES THE OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and because it breaks up all the ridiculous political rants on Facebook. So many reasons to love!!


  1. I love watching the diving! Diving and the gymnastics are my two favorite events!

    I cannot help you out w/ your goal of the 2016 games - I promise you don't want me as your teammate or coach. Swimming, diving etc has never been my strong suite. I won't drown but I'm not gonna win any medals that is for sure. :)

  2. Like Brittnie, I definitely wouldn't make a great diving partner, but I will def cheer you on from the sidelines!

  3. What? You didn't want to try to make ugly homemade gnocchi like mine! ;) I know, I know, my post did not really "sell" the whole experience. (I'm totally buying Trader Joe's brand from now on...)

  4. That picture of food makes me hungry! I am also obsessed with the diving. The coach of the women's synchro team that won the silver medal is my old diving coach! I was cheering out loud in my living room. LOVE the Olympics!!

  5. Dang, your food posts make me want to be more creative in the kitchen. We eat the same meals over and over. Thankfully, my hubby likes that but sometimes I feel like a lame wife, haha.

    And look at you with your new fancy blog design! Love it girl!

  6. Yes to diving! Who knew it was so cool? Of course I will forget about it until 2016.

    And I totally pick books by their cover.

  7. Girl, please. I thought we already had our diving team situation taken care of with our flailing belly flop routine?! I mean, you really think you can do better than THAT?

  8. If I didn't have to go to the grocery store to make this recipe our menu for tonight would have just changed. Oh yum!

    And I pick books by their titles which is almost as good as picking them by their covers.

    If I could dive I would join you but one of us would have to switch nationalities!

  9. You are the second person in two days that has posted a meal with gnocchi and they both look delicious! Also, I totally choose books based on their covers. If it's bright and pretty, I'll read it.

    Also, I love your new blog layout!


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