Thursday, July 19, 2012

winner winner pinterest dinner

Okay. I mentioned yesterday that I made five successful Pinterest recipes between Saturday and Monday. Chalk up another success with last night's, and I am on a dang ROLL!! Then my friend Sloan inspired me today by posting a recap of some of her recent Pinterest successes, so I figured I'd copy her!!

Saturday morning, breakfast:

Hootenanny!!! Or, if you'd like to be boring about it, I've also heard it referred to as a German pancake or oven pancake. But who would choose those names when you could call it a HOOTENANNY? Exactly. Anyway, to be honest, we've been making these since the weekend I joined Pinterest (like...last September, maybe?) this wasn't a new one by any means, but definitely a favorite.

Saturday- to take to a cookout with friends:

Crescent rolls with spinach, feta, and mozzerella. So easy. So good.

Saturday-- to take to Sunday's Bacon Fest

Source: via Erika on Pinterest

Goat Cheese Pops with Herbs, Pecans, & Bacon. We've already discussed how awesome these were.

Sunday- for Bacon Fest

Maple Pecan-Crusted Bacon. Again, I think I've already informed you that this was INSANELY DELICIOUS. And easy. But fair warning: your oven will smoke so much (while baking), you will worry your house is about to burn down. But it probably won't, so...cook away!

Monday night- for this week's breakfasts

Baked oatmeal to-go. This totally had the potential to flop, but I must say-- it's pretty darn good. I did have to buy things I normally do not use (unsweetened applesauce, flax seed meal), but overall it was pretty easy to make these, it made a lot (22ish, and we've been eating 1 each for breakfast, so...that'll last awhile!), and they're quite good!

Wednesday night-- dinner

Summer Corn Fettuccine. Technically I didn't get this one "from Pinterest"-- I pinned it myself from a blog I read (Matt & Kara Adopt), but...whatever, I'm counting it. Made this one last night and it was SO GOOD and VERY easy. Seriously, the hardest part was cutting the corn off the cob. And that's not very hard. And it turned out fantastically. I subbed in whole wheat spaghetti for the fettuccine (because I had it on hand) and I will DEFINITELY be making this again in the future...especially in the summer, when fresh corn is dirt cheap and I grow practically all the rest of the veggies/herbs in my own garden. MAJOR WIN!

So there's a week of solid successes. I just can't believe it because I feel like half the time Pinterest recipes do NOT go according to I think I'm not going to make any more for awhile so that I can bask in my string of successes for a little longer. Although honestly, it might be more FUN if a few of these had crashed-and-burned, because then I could have a WAY MORE HILARIOUS blog like Pintester and...yeah. Love. Her. Slash am jealous I am not nearly that funny. Oh well. (Warning: Pintester contains lots of not-G-rated language. If that offends you, I'd recommend not checking her out.)

So...go cook (or read) now!! Let me know how it goes!


  1. I've been wanting to try those crescent rolls so I'm glad to hear they were a success! Also, I tried those baked oatmeal things (made by someone else) and was bummed that they didn't have much flavor- even with chocolate chips! Any tips??

  2. All of that looks so good! You make me want to get in the kitchen more!

  3. All of that looks so good! You make me want to get in the kitchen more!

  4. Glad to know those baked oatmeal cups are good. Everyone has been pinning them.

  5. I posted today about a pinterest recipe fail. I have found a couple of those, and I want to contact everyone that repinned the recipe and tell them to forget it. Those recipes look delish that you made!

  6. Was hungry when I opened this post, and now I'm starving. THANKS.

  7. I just joined Pinterest as of YESTERDAY. And have been pinning, pinning, pinning. I totally get why people LOVE it! I'm so going to find those baked oatmeal things because they look awesome. Especially with the chocolate chips. And good to hear a review of the Summer Corn Fettuccine because that also looked good to me when I read about it on Kara's blog. I'll go re-pin it from you now :)

  8. Oooh, I majorly heart oatmeal but is not so great to have in the summer since a hot breakfast and a hot day tend to not go well together.

  9. I've used a pinterest idea similar to your crescent roll recipe, but you fill them with diced jalapeƱo, cream cheese, and bacon. Talk about awesomely good!

  10. Ooh! I've wanted to make those breakfast oatmeal things, so now I'm definitely going to have to try! That corn fettuccine also looks super good and I'm now obsessed with the word hootenanny. Ryan and I were talking last night what funny word we would name a bar, and I'm going to say Hootenanny would be an AWESOME bar name!

  11. Ok so I want to pin your stuff! Those oatmeal things look amazing!!


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