Wednesday, July 4, 2012

some things never change

Happy Fourth of July! Yay America!!

Matt and I don't have any big plans for today...celebrating on a Wednesday is just a bit strange if you ask me. But I'm sure we'll find something fun to keep ourselves occupied...and as I looked through some old pictures last night, it occurred to me that not a lot has changed in the last 27 years.

Apparently my lifestyle in July 1985 (age 2) was a pretty good indicator of what my life would be like in July 2012. Check it out:

1. Festive and Patriotic Clothing and Crafting (see: streamers and balloons on my sweet ride. If that's not crafty, I don't know what is)
 And I would be remiss to not point out that apparently baby-wearing with me was such a smashing success, they've dusted off and busted out the carrier for another go with my infant brother, Jake. Saaaweeeeet!!!! (OK, seriously, my family (minus Sarah, who was not even a thought in anyone's mind at this weird...) is SO STINKIN CUTE in this picture it makes me want to squeal)

  2. Laying out
Don't judge me for my genetic predisposition to love the sun. Obviously I cannot escape it. And also, why in the past 27 years has no one bothered to improve the ubiquitous uncomfortable-but-necessary plastic lounge chair?? Someone needs to get on that.

3. Engaging in frequent Flower Walks...while properly accessorized, of course.

OMG. Could I BE any cuter?? Seriously now. Also, more evidence that I am a clone of my mother (or at least her interests): laying out...growing beautiful flowers...dressing my family in coordinated outfits...LOVE MY MOM. 

Ahem. Well...about this last picture. Let's hope I have actually evolved a little through the years and am more appreciative slash less terrified of soldiers. After all they go through, fighting for our country...and then some punk kid's gonna make horrid faces and pitch a fit for them? That's just disrespectful, and I want to apologize, seeing as I was that kid and all.

Actually that's my uncle, not that that's a good excuse for acting a fool. But I'm guessing no one was offended, since there are like 25 pictures of basically this same shot...and that's saying something back in 1985, when you actually had to pay money to buy film AND to have it developed to see a picture. Multiple shots are a this must have been fun times for everyone (except me & Raggedy, obvs)!

Anyway, Happy Fourth! Hope your day is filled with all of the above (minus the tears), plus food, fireworks, and at least 10 emotional renditions of God Bless the USA.


  1. sooo cute! and umm...I am loving Jackie's outfit in that first picture. Can you ask her if she still has it and if I can have it?

  2. Such a cute and patriotic little 80s baby!

  3. that last picture is classic! Happy 4th to you guys!

  4. We celebrated Canada Day on Sunday (July 1) but I don't think Canadians get into Canada Day as much as Americans get into Independence Day. I'm saying that because I don't have any clear memories of celebrating Canada Day growing up and this past Sunday we didn't do much. We didn't even go to the fireworks but that might have been a good thing because someone ended up getting shot at the celebrations we were going to go to. Yikes :( (We don't have many shootings in Canada so they almost always are big news.)

    Anyways, happy 4th of July!

  5. you crack me up! i'm a fellow 80s baby so i can relate. happy 4th!

  6. So cute I'm an 80s baby too, but I spent all those first 10 years in Canada and they really don't go all out like they do here to celebrate independence.

    Defining Tabitha


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