Sunday, July 8, 2012

here's your sign: episode 2

Listen up, people: I have a dream, and that dream is that one day I can have a "here's your sign" SERIES on this here blog o' mine. So far there has been only one post to make it in the series, and it occurred over two years ago...but is still stands as the funniest thing I've ever seen slash favorite blog ever. But today must be your lucky day, because yesterday was MY lucky day to witness and photograph another event worthy of the series. BEHOLD!!!!!

You might be are absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt a redneck IF you have ever found yourself needing a place to put your mostly dead, 100% ugly flowers and decided that this was the perfect solution to your problem:

If you can spy a NASTY OLD TOILET PARADING AS A FLOWERPOT in the otherwise-fairly-normal front yard of that house, give yourself a pat on the back and crack open a nice frosty PBR-- you obviously have what it takes to live in Podunk, Georgia!

Yes, my friend and fellow yard sale-enthusiast Diana and I did stop in the middle of the road yesterday (around 7:30am) to snap this picture. And then turn around and cruise back and forth in front of the house a few more times for good measure and extra laughs. Diana took a picture on her phone, too:

For bonus points (redeemable in boiled peanuts), can you spy someone coming out of the side door in this picture??

Lucky us-- it was the person who RESIDES IN THE HOME and presumably has something to do with the choice of front yard decor!!!!! And yes, he most certainly did notice us going all paparazzi in his front yard, and gave us a friendly slash quizzical wave as we busted out laughing, waved back, and peeled outta there. Gotta love us friendly Southerners!!

Let's review:

Why anyone would ever want to live anywhere other than Georgia, I'll never understand. 


  1. When I lived in residence in university in the summers, the women had to live on the men's floor. We had to do something with those nasty urinals in the bathrooms so it became a tradition to plant petunias in them. I think that is the only acceptable time to use toilets as planters!

    I love that the homeowner caught you guys and waved! Ha ha ha!!!

  2. Ha that is amazing! And by amazing, I mean terrible!

  3. Wow. You really do live in the sticks, no joke.

  4. Glorious... Just glorious! I am so proud of you for stopping and snapping some photos to share. Made my day!!! Husband's response: "I don't think they even do that in Texas." 2 points for Georgia!

  5. Hilarious. I could totally do a here's your sign series for south Florida, but it would mostly involve people hardly wearing any clothes. Oh and today, we passed by a accident. One of the people standing around on the side of the road HAD A PARROT ON HER SHOULDER. Which made me shake my head and mutter, "south Florida." my assumption is that this lady was the one that caused the accident, cause for real, who drives around with a parrot on their shoulder???

  6. Hilarious. I love that he waved.. here I would have been flipped off. Friendly Georgians!

  7. At least he wasn't a party pooper!!! Haha!!! I wonder how the toilet became a planter...there must be a story!

  8. hahaha! Oh goodness! The planter and picturing you and your friend driving by several times for photos both crack me up!

  9. check my home and hearth board. just saying.


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