Friday, April 4, 2014


I've never done one of these posts before (that I recall), but my friend Elise did it today and it seemed like a good idea to play along.

Currently, I am...

Listening... to John Mark McMillan's newest album, Borderland. We are going to his concert tonight and I am SUPER excited!

Eating... Surprisingly, nothing. There aren't very many minutes a day when I can honestly say that. BUT I have some amazing leftovers in the fridge (Pear & Gorgonzola pizza: sliced pear, mozzarella & gorgonzola, caramelized onions, topped with toasted walnuts...yes, I have the menu next to me and just copied the description) and it's only a matter of time before I dig in to that deliciousness.

Drinking... Coffee from home. Starbucks Breakfast Blend (used to be my favorite, before I discovered the Colombian blend...but I have to use it all up) with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. 


What, you can't tell? I'm not the best fashion photographer EVER?? Hm.

Purple stripey silky tank top (with black cardigan's cold in my office), gray jeans, sandals (in black).

Feeling...  Kinda anxious, really. I can't really get in to the particulars, but...anxious.

Weather... Ha! Promise I didn't slide this one in, it was on Elise's list!! BUT since you's going to storm and rain today. But still be warm (77). I'm fine with this; I hope the rain washes some of the pollen away. But I'd like if it could be not raining while we're driving to and from the (out of town) concert.

Wanting... To get back to reading Red Rising. It's super good and I'm having trouble concentrating on anything other than reading it. Hence the lack of blogging and general socialization the past few days...

Needing... I still need to get yellow shoes for the wedding I'm in at the end of the month. It seemed like such a simple task, but I'm finding it surprisingly challenging to find what I need...

Thinking...  About what to get Matt for his birthday. Which is tomorrow. Wife of the year right here!

Enjoying... All the pretty flowers blooming everywhere. Shocking, right? I can't see any from my office, but I take obnoxious amounts of flower pictures on my phone and I like to scroll through them every ten minutes or so. What can I say? Seeing flowers makes me happy. Worse things could happen.

And with that, I must return to my book. And contemplating presents for Matt. Have a happy weekend!


  1. Is this the wedding you needed the teal dress for?? I was wondering what kind of dress you ended up picking out.

  2. SO jealous of the sandals... and that pizza sounds AMAZING, even at 8:45 in the morning.
    - drinking my Starbucks latte.... YUM
    - Conducting Parent/Teacher conferences... well I am waiting for the next parent

  3. Your outfit is very cute. I'm jealous of your sandals...too soon here in the Northeast! Hope whatever your anxious about works out. I'll keep you in my thoughts! xoxo

  4. I want that pizza NOW!
    I want your weather NOW!
    My copy of Red Rising arrived yesterday and I went to bed early to read it but yeah...10 minutes in and I was reading the same paragraph over and over. Light out at 10..LOL. I'll try again tonight.

  5. Ummmm I now am craving your pizza leftovers. Not sure I could wait until lunch to eat that!

  6. Oh good leftovers for lunch! For me, that means lunchtime comes at about 10am :) Sounds like I need to pick up that book! I'm sorry that you're feeling anxious. I hate that, unless it's a good anxious.

  7. Currently...
    procrastinating getting started at work (aka waiting for some programs to load)
    drinking water
    wondering what I'm going to eat for lunch
    thankful for the rain coming for some pollen relief

  8. OH, I forgot that the rain might help with the pollen. I say - BRING IT ON, STORM CLOUDS!!! Hope you had a fab weekend!

  9. Sounds like a good start to a good weekend! As far as shoes go, could you go somewhere like David's Bridal and have them dyed? When my brother got married, we had to have our shoes dyed a light green/chartreuse-y color to match the bridesmaid dresses. I think Payless might do it, too, for what it's worth. Just a thought :)

  10. HOLY HECK! i just read the description (DESCRIPTION!) of red rising, and i am ON it. is it a library book? can i reserve it (but not until you're done, so you don't get one of those annoying notices from the library and have to return it before you're done so you don't get fines)...? i miiiight have drank too much coffee today. maybe.

  11. That pizza sounds AMAZING! Have a great weekend and happy birthday eve matt!! :)

  12. I want your wardrobe... and your pizza.. and maybe your coffee? Maybe.

  13. Wow. I want that pizza. Now!

  14. Bummed about this anxiety... But I feel you: house buying on top of adoption research... My head may explode! Hope a fun and relaxing weekend helps to take the edge off!

  15. Love your currently list! Pizza- yum. I am envious of your outfit selfie taking skills! And Red Rising- I am so behind in my book reading goals. I just read the summary of Red Rising and I will be adding it to my to read list!

  16. I bet you could get some classy solid yellow flip flops from Old Navy. Would those work? Am I really helpful?

  17. Is your pizza from California Pizza Kitchen? It's my favorite. I was just thinking about it a couple days ago. Also, I started using that Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil Face Wash and am LOVING it. Thanks for the recommendation!!!

  18. So for part of Matt's birthday I suggest you get some pretty flowers for your office. Then, you will be in an awesome mood everyday after work and his life will obviously benefit from that. Happy Weekend! And HBD Matt!

  19. I love these. Haha. I hope all is well! Sorry you are anxious! Praying for peace in your heart! :)

  20. Well it's 9am and I need a pizza now. And you definitely have me curious about your anxiety, hope all goes well! I will need a new book after I finish my YA book (that I'm reading with a couple 8th grade girls.....students.....not just homegirls or anything) The Name of the Star.

  21. I'm so sorry you were feeling anxious. I hope whatever you were anxious about has resolved itself happily. Also, it sounds like I need to read Red Rising. And, as I previously mentioned, I love being in the weather know too! ps. It's going below freezing here tonight so I hope the pansies my mom planted all over for me are hardy!


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