Monday, April 28, 2014

wedding weekend

We had a totally awesome wedding weekend. I need about a week of spa treatments and paid time off to recover, but sadly, it looks like neither of those things will be happening. Shocking.

All weekend I felt like I was heading towards the danger zone of 'overgramming'-- the state of abusing Instagram with an abundance of pictures no one cares about. I try hard to stay far away from that normally, but a wedding weekend with photogenic and hilarious friends that was also a pseudo-college reunion?? I just couldn't help myself. But then last night I counted how many pictures I actually posted and it was only 10. Ha. 10 pictures over three days probably isn't actually bad, right? Please give me your honest feedback about this. My goal in life is to not be Instagram-annoying. Among other things. Maybe.

Friday night we watched the Braves beat the Reds. It was awesome. Then there were fireworks. They were the most amazing, majestic, breathtaking fireworks I've ever seen. I would go back to another Friday night Braves game just to experience those fireworks again. Oh, and also for the food.

Saturday was filled with beauty, pampering, and more delicious food. We all got our nails done, and during the afternoon, Kristina and I did practice runs for hair and makeup. She was doing all of the wedding hair (except mine. No time for that; I did my own, ha.) and I did everyone's makeup. It was my first experience being a 'makeup artist' and it was WAY more fun than I'd anticipated. More on this later.

After perfecting the art of hair and makeup, we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Everyone looked lovely and the BBQ was awesome!!

Caitlin (the bride's awesome sister/fellow bridesmaid) and I zealously promoted using the wedding hashtag we created- #mayrodriguezwedding2014 (can't link to an Instagram hashtag here, apparently, but you should go look!). A few people besides us caught on and used it. But that's okay, we were as enthusiastic as if millions around the world were anxiously following our hashtag, awaiting updates. Our enthusiasm paid off late Saturday night when an un-wedding-related friend of Caitlin's noticed us on the front page of Instagram! So basically, we won at Instagram. We considered calling off the wedding, since our goal was accomplished, but Alyssa seemed like she wanted to get married still, so we pressed on.

Sunday morning was hectic-- Kristina and I could have easily used another hour for all the hair and makeup. We almost showed up to process down the aisle in our jeans and ponytails. But we managed to whip ourselves together just in the nick of time and all four bridesmaids looked lovely in our shades of teal and yellow.

I don't have many pretty wedding pictures-- naturally, I was busy holding my bouquet and helping Caitlin sneak the vows out of her cleavage (what?? We didn't have pockets and she was supposed to carry Alyssa's vows! So she stuck them down her bra. It was a great idea, until we realized that she had to get them OUT of her bra and we were standing in front of a hundred people....) (thank you, long prayer! I hope everyone's eyes were closed!) and had no time for photo-taking. But Matt had my phone and snapped a few.

Pretty field in the middle of a forest? Check. Hipster band? Check. Gorgeous bride and groom? Check and check! Gang's all here!

It was a super fantastic weekend. Now Alyssa and Victor are busy sleeping in and hiking around Colorado and I'm back to work. Womp womp.

Semi-relatedly, do you think it's too late in life for me to go to makeup artist school? Does such a thing exist? Because making people pretty turned out to be REALLY fun. Am I too old to start a new career? Things to ponder.


  1. It looks like ya'll had a great time!! No way are you too old to start something new! I say go for it :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!! I'm so jealous of your nachos and cotton candy!

  3. You did not post too many pictures. It was an exciting weekend of fun...well deserved! Personally I take a break when I feel I've posted "too many". ;)

    Just start tutorials for us blog lovers. No proper education needed. We readers love your style and think you're pretty amazing!!!

  4. I totally think you could "moonlight" as a successful makeup artist! Looks like a gorgeous wedding.
    I had to do my own makeup for my wedding (I am NOT a makeup person) ... we were married in OBX and there was no makeup artist that we could fine. I was SO nervous...what I really needed was a bridesmaid like YOU!

  5. When I was reading your post I totally thought you should be a make up artist! Seems like you have a real passion for it. Go for it!!

  6. Dying that she stuck the vows in her bra!!! Brilliant! :) Looks like a fantastic weekend. BBQ nachos + spa treatments + friends + lots of laughs = amazing in my book!

  7. Love this post. Love your wedding hashtag. Love the wedding colors. LOVE your BANGS!

  8. How fun! I don't instagram (is that a verb) but I think 10 photos over three days (especially fun and interesting three days) is fine... not if it's ten photos of your couch... ehhhh. Which is why I don't instagram.

    So glad you got cotton candy!

  9. Looks like a succesful fun wedding. It's never too late to look for a fun/ weekend career(:

  10. You did a fabulous job on the makeup!! My college roommate was like you--she loved to experiment and knew how to put makeup on herself and others flawlessly. After graduation, she worked at Clinique doing it full-time for awhile, so you should definitely look into it!

    Also, is it a Southern thing to have weddings on a Sunday? I don't think I've ever heard of it here in the Mid-West. Just curious :)

    1. Any other Southerners wanna weigh in here?? I don't think Sunday weddings are common, but not unheard of, either?? Alyssa's main reason for doing Sunday was that everything (venue, flowers, photography, catering, etc.) was cheaper on a Sunday compared to a Saturday. But I've only been to maybe 2 Sunday weddings in my whole wedding career. Anyone else?

  11. I just have to say that I love that you were the makeup artist! So perfect!!

  12. Beautiful pics and it sounds like a great weekend!! I don't even have instagram, I mean I have an account but I just check it on the computer and I don't have the app downloaded on my phone. Am I totally lame or what?

  13. 1. You definitely did not over-gram
    2. You should do lots of tutorials (I'll take pictures!) and/or you can just practice on me
    3. I would like to go ahead and request your make-up services if I don't end up eloping.

  14. What a fun weekend!!! Beautiful pictures too!!! I wish I was hiking in CO!!!

  15. That food looks fantastic. You need to teach someone close to you how to apply makeup/do nails, then you can sort of have a spa week for free! As for a Southerners take on Sunday weddings, I second what you said. Not common, but not unheard of in my experience, either.

  16. Ten photos over three days is not bad at all!! I started doing my friends' hair after college and I had SO much fun. Even though my hair ends up in a ponytail 9 times out of 10, I love doing other people's hair. So, if you decide to go to cosmetology school...holla at me, I'll join you.

  17. Shooting straight with you: I think 10 pictures in 3 days is a lot. BUT with that said, I (obv) follow you on Instagram and didn't feel like it was overkill, so maybe 10 in 3 days just sounds like a lot in theory. Regardless, I think the important thing is that the pictures have enough variety so that we aren't looking at the same picture essentially 10 times. So there's my (not very valuable) 2 cents.

    Glad y'all had fun at the wedding and that you got to enjoy so much tasty food!

  18. You should definitely pursue a career as a makeup artist but be aware that it will likely mean giving up all your summer weekends to do weddings. But as far as I can tell that would be the only downside.

    Also, if it's an exciting weekend (like this was), 10 pictures in 3 days is not too much. I feel a little Insta-gramed out after New Zealand so I haven't been posting all that much lately. But some things (like weddings, once in a lifetime trips, etc) just call for a lot of Instagramming :)


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