Thursday, April 17, 2014

playing games & being irrationally angry at the wind

I used to have a life. And like...hobbies. Interests. 

And now there's only this:
Game still in progress...obviously.
Good grief. It's a good thing I never tried drugs. I'm sure I would have been hopelessly addicted after the first hit. Luckily, my drug is a phone game that I make myself feel better by calling it a 'math game.' I mean, I do feel like there are some kind of life skills or lessons embedded inside this ridiculously addictive game. Umm...finding patterns and formulas? Can we make some kind of good self-help metaphor out of the way that it took me days to even get up to 10,000, but once I did, now I can get to 10,000 basically on auto-pilot and now my new goal (besides getting to 2048, of course) is 15,000 (oops, just got there!) 20,000?

Actually my best accomplishment so far has been convincing Matt to download and start playing the game with me. And by 'with me,' obviously I just mean 'near me,' since it's only a one-person game. But now I feel way less guilty for zoning out on my phone screen for hours on end because now he understands why! So...a big win for 2048 evangelism! 

Anyways. In between sliding numbered tiles around, I've managed to accomplish a few other things in the past few days.

For one, I made this pizza last night. And it was awesome.

 Yeah. That'd be about a pizza completely covered in asparagus and tomatoes. And it was delightful. And now it's all gone. Oops.

I had a visitor hop by the (interior) window in front of my office and scare me half to death yesterday afternoon.

Yeah. You have a huge creepy bunny hop pop up out of nowhere in front of your face and tell me you don't have a heart attack. But it was pretty hilarious. And then we spent a good while plotting tricks on other coworkers and spreading the joy of being scared to death. It was great.

I'm trying to focus on these fun experiences to detract from the abject tragedy that's occurred over the last two nights. The dreaded late season frost. I'mma punch a meteorologist, I tell ya.

Tuesday night found us gathering up every last sheet in the house and trying to tuck in all of our cold-sensitive veggies and flowers. I told them to be strong. To picture warm beaches and the bright sunshine. Just ignore the frigid air!! It'll be gone before you know it!

I should have warned them about the STUPID FREAKING WIND.

I mean, we weighted down the sides of the sheets with rocks, flower pots, and other random heavy things, but apparently we were no match for the Arctic winds. The wind laughed at our weak attempt to cover up the kale and tomato garden and then hatefully tossed the sheet to the side and MURDERED MY TOMATOES. Stupid hateful wind. Obviously the wind isn't trying to eat healthy this summer.

So this is what 6 of our tomato plants look like. One of them in that garden survived (because the sheet ended up landing on top of it). We had a few more in pots that we'd moved to the garage, so they're fine. But most of them are a loss. Boooooo. Oh well. We'll replant. 

The beautiful new dahlias we planted SATURDAY look a little scary...I'm hoping maybe it'll just be a loss of the current blooms but that maybe they'll rebloom? Same with lots of the other flowering plants-- even though they stayed covered and didn't actually get frost on them, the temperature was still low enough to shock them and make them look really sad. Ugh. We covered again last night, even though it didn't get quite as cold...I didn't have a chance to look at everything too closely this morning to see how they fared.

Even though I'm sad, I'm trying to keep a little perspective. I'm a hobby gardener at best. If my tomatoes don't grow this summer...well, oh well. I'll buy them at the store. There are tons of real farmers in our area and state that stand to lose their livelihood and income this year over a late frost like this. So...perspective.

Also, I finally got to 15,000 on 2048. So life isn't all bad. Perspective! 


  1. Sarah and Ryan started playing the game a few weeks ago and every time they were on the phones they were strangely silent so I finally caught on that they were just always playing it! They've both now beat the game so thankfully I had have actual conversations with them again!

    I had to scrap ice off my car this morning. Ughhhhh.

  2. There must be a meteorologist to blame! Damn stupid Spring weather!
    What is this game you speak of? Dare I download it for fear of sucking hours of my life away.

  3. I thought of you and all of your planting when I saw THIRTY-ONE on my weather app... umm, that's ridiculous, this is MID-April. Stupid weather.

  4. Boo for that wind. I thought about my flowers for about two seconds when I heard it was going down to 32 degrees, but then forgot. But mine are daylillies and nothing has killed those suckers in 20 years, so I guess a little frost won't hurt them.

    I will say I am straight up over this weather. I need some consistency immediately!

  5. Your poor sad tomatoes :( I hope your dahlias recover, because they were gorgeous! And I hope Spring decides to make up its mind and hang around for awhile. I am so over cold weather!

  6. This is not the same, but we had some crazy wind on Monday that blew the gate in our backyard open, giving Rocky a chance to escape and roam the neighborhood. We had just taken a drive around the block to find him when he came casually scampering back toward our house after about 10-15 min of freedom. So, we got a happy ending, but still: curses on you, wind!

  7. That is the saddest picture I have ever seen (tomatoes). Hmmmmm.....

  8. Your tomatoes look so sad! :( I forgot to cover my ferns and am hoping they will survive. Luckily we plant our veggies from seeds and they had only been in the ground 48 hours, so they should be fine. And I haven't even started looking at annuals yet. Maybe next week...

  9. Awwww your poor tomatoes!!! :( what the heck is up with this Spring?!

  10. ahh I hate the outcome of the plants!!! Maybe wait a few days.... they might pep back up!!! Also depending on where you got them home depot and lowes have a 1 year policy - so at least you can get your money back! PS that pizza looks great - you tease!

  11. The weather this spring has been so weird. . . and slightly annoying. Just when you think it is warming up then BAM. . . the next day it's freaking freezing and you need a jacket again. That happened to me last week when I decided it was warm enough to wear shorts and then midway through the day the weather dropped 20 degrees. Awesome. Not.

    That pizza looks amazing! I have never tried asparagus on pizza (usually broccoli) but I just might try it! yum:)

  12. Aaaawa!
    Just read abt the late season frost. That can be so disheartening! Hope you are having a great EASTER weekend.

  13. I was never interested in playing video games, so I never wanted to download any games app to my i-phone. When I was a kid, my siblings were addicted to playing "Street Fighters" , I gave it a try for a few minutes and I lost interest. Then when I was on Facebook, I played Farmville for 30 minutes and I lost interest and never went back. Just like everything else from books to TV shows to magazines, I lost interest very easily. Even video games can't hold my attention for long....I'm not sure if my deficiency disorder is good or bad....

  14. I hate late season frosts. And a late season frost with a wind -- that is awful. I'm sorry about your tomato plants. Also, I don't know whether to thank you or not for introducing me to 2048 over the Easter Weekend (through you Instagram post). So far I'm still chasing the elusive 512 tile :)

  15. Oh my gosh, what is this game?!

  16. I'm a fellow addict of 2048. Just seeing your screen shot reminded me that I want to go play it now....I haven't beaten it yet, but I imagine the game might lose its luster after that...


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