Monday, April 21, 2014

winning at Easter

We had an awesome Easter weekend in Augusta with my family! First and foremost, this happened late Friday night:

That's right. The sweet, sweet taste of victory. As though winning 2048 wasn't enough, I also managed to introduce my dad to the joys of the game and now he is a fellow mega-addict. The best part is that (most likely due to my 4 day game head start), I am way way way better at it than him and he was really frustrated at how easily I could rack up high scores. It was marvelous. I've never been better than my dad at a mathy thing, so I'll take a victory however I can get one.

Speaking of my dad...he has a new addiction (besides 2048). This one I fully support. I am not recommending any sort of treatment or intervention program.

You know how some people are storm chasers? (PS those people are crazy) Dad is kind of like that, only his storm is Blue Bell on sale. He told this two hour long story (this is clearly where I inherited my inability to tell a story in less than 29820190 words) about every single grocery store sale, what ice cream flavors they had, what his logic was behind the purchase, and...lots more ice cream and money-saving things...that ultimately culminated in ALL THIS being in their freezer. And actually there was more, but the rest were duplicate flavors and didn't make it to the pyramid. And PS- only two people live in their house. So...yeah.

So for the rest of the pictures and weekend, please insert a bowl of ice cream between every activity and event. I'm nothing if not committed to the scientific process of choosing the best ice cream flavor.

It was way unseasonably cold and rainy all weekend until about Sunday afternoon-- we actually ended up having a fire Saturday evening and night!! Felt more like Christmas than Easter!! But we still managed to have lots of fun. Mostly because my niece is the cutest and most fabulous thing ever.

She's eleven months old now and walking EVERYWHERE!! And she's huge. Not that that's terribly surprising, since she was over 10 pounds when she was born...but now she basically looks like she's in high school. But she's sweet and cute, too, so that's all that matters. Oh wait, no, it also matters that she seems to remember me and love me.

Unfortunately, she was not interested in or loving posing for pictures in her cute Easter dress. We took about a dozen, and she's either screaming or just not looking in all of them. But oh well. She's cute anyway.

My Easter ensemble wasn't anything to write home about. Stupid unexpectedly freezing weather meant I had to scrap the planned sundress and scrounge my suitcase for the warmest things I brought that wouldn't look ridiculous together. Blah. But no one cared about my outfit when I was holding Carley anyway, so it didn't matter.

Sunday afternoon warmed up nicely and we spent the day on my parents' back porch smoking turkey ( a smoker. To eat. Not a pipe or something...), throwing balls for Lola, and watching the Beloved Niece do cute things and try to catch Lola.

It was a wonderful weekend and I was so happy to get to spend so much time with my brother, SIL, niece, and parents! Also, ice cream.

And in SUPER tragic news, it seems that my resistance is going to end and I am going to be forced into updating my phone operating system. I discovered that my FaceTime won't work anymore until I update, so...way to force my hand, Apple. Boo!! So I spent lots of time deleting stuff off my phone because I was about 4G short of the available space required to make the update. So that's going to happen soon. If I can't live near my sister, I at least require the ability to see her and my in utero niece/nephew via technology. long, farewell, delightful old OS. Out with the old. 


  1. What a fabulous weekend... your makeup looked particularly amazing for Easter.

    I introduced Sam to the game on Friday night, he woke up early and beat it on Sunday morning... ughhh, the injustice! I'm still hanging out with 1024 squares that JUST WON'T MERGE!

    Also, I'd like to petition for the Monday following Easter as a holiday... coffee can't fix this. I'm assuming you concur?

  2. cute pics. 2048! oh my!!! My SIL sister showed me this weekend and I haven't stopped. I don't remember the last time I spent time on a iphone game, but oh my - addicted. So jealous you beat it!

  3. I have had to delete a crapload of pictures and other things to try to make room for the new OS too. It stinks.

    Blue Bell makes everything better. I've drowned many sorrows in Blue Bell. That and Mexican food can soothe just about anything. ;)

  4. smoking turkey. in a pipe. i lost my coffee giggling at that one.

  5. Carley is super adorable, so was your outfit. Kudos to you for conjuring up something warm enough to wear that was socially acceptable. I would have had a big bulky sweatshirt and leggings in my suitcase!
    Downloaded 2048...let my addiction begin...eek!

  6. I was also holding out on downloading the new OS. I tried to Facetime with my dad and step-mom yesterday so they could see my boys on Easter, but it wouldn't connect. I thought the old OS might be the issue, but you just confirmed it. Thanks! Tell your dad to try Graeters ice cream. He won't find it cheap but it is the BEST!

    1. Yeah, a quick Google informed us that our operating systems were definitely the issue with FaceTime. BOOOO. I've never heard of Graeters- is it in GA??

  7. I would ask to borrow your dad for his vast (and awesome) ice cream knowledge, but sadly, Blue Bell isn't even sold in IL. Guess I'll have to stick to whatever is on sale at Kroger...womp womp. Glad you had such a nice weekend with your family! Your niece and my nephew would make a good pair. He is an 18-month old tank, but sooo cute...just like Carley!

  8. I still have yet to check out 2048, I really need to do that! Also can I just say that photo full of Blue Bell is delightful!!

  9. That pyramid is lacking one major essential flavor - banana pudding! Oh and I have no idea what 2048 is.

  10. Caramel turtle cheesecake? Have have I not tried that flavor? I will now be searching every store to find it so, thanks for that!? Blue Bell is, in my ever humble southern opinion, the only ice cream worth eating from my own freezer. Not going to lie though, now I'm a little curious about this Graeters.
    Your Easter looks like a blast! After all your hard work to prove your status as best Aunt/baby holder ever, I'm glad your niece is rewarding your efforts!

  11. Cute pics and cute niece! Also, now I really want to try that sea salt caramel ice cream...

  12. Jealous of your family weekend, AND your Blue Bell stash (even though I could drive a short mile to the store right now and get some myself if I REALLY wanted to)!

  13. Fun weekend! Your dad seriously needs to get/try Dessert Trio. . . omg the best Blue Bell ever! Three different types of cookies inside. . . need I say more? Didn't think so.

  14. Happy Easter!! What a cutie pie she is, I'm glad you had a nice weekend :)

  15. I haven't updated either. It's sad. Looks like a fun Easter! Glad you had a nice weekend.

  16. You WON?! What the heck! I suck at this game.

  17. And now I want ice cream!

    ps. I finally got the 512 tile. Once.


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