Wednesday, October 31, 2012

costume wins

 So while my costume efforts this year were a major fail (see yesterday's post), I wanted to document the fact that not all of my Halloweens have been such disasters. Namely the ones when I was little and had very little to do with my own costumage. My parents are excellent at costuming. 

Obviously my commitment to looking fabulous and non-ugly started early.

Awww...isn't my brother precious?? (That I am precious goes without saying. Obviously.)

And in case you weren't around last year, be sure to read my photograph-filled treatise on my first Halloween: Babies Should Not Be Dressed Like Clowns. It's epic.

Happy Halloween!!


  1. That was some serious makeup in the first pic- impressive!

  2. Ah, the clown costume! I don't even have to click back to remember it!

  3. So precious! I love all the costumage even the clown one. I can appreciate all the hard work your mom put into making it an exact replica of your toy clown. 100 percent creepy, but 100 percent thoughtful too. For my first Halloween my mom dressed me as a mermaid. I looked more like a whale in sequins. I promise it is worse or at least on par with a clown costume.

  4. Your hair is so blond in the first picture! Whoa!

    Also did your mom MAKES these costumes? Impressive. Even the (slightly creepy) clown one which as Bren pointed out, your mom made a lot of effort to match you to your clown doll.

  5. I love all your wayback fun pictures. To be honest trying to beat your costume where you and Matt were connected would be extremely hard.


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