Thursday, October 18, 2012

save the drama for yo' mama

Alright. I guess I should preface this rant with a disclaimer. In case you aren't already aware:   I don't like politics. I don't like thinking about politics. I don't like talking about politics. I occasionally read something about politics, mainly so that I can understand whatever memes are floating around the internet. But on my list of Things I Care About In Life...politics doesn't even like...make the list. Now don't get me wrong-- certain issues make that list. But I'm talking about the whole big-picture party/candidates/debates/fighting/right-wrong politics monster. That I have no affection and very little tolerance for. As if you didn't know.

So you know what REALLY drives me crazy?

People who care too much about politics.

Like the way Michael Scott cares too much about people? Some people care too much about politics. And here's the gold standard for measuring whether someone cares too much about politics:

If they have ever said "if ______ wins the election, I'm leaving the country."

That statement? It infuriates me. And you know what I would like to say to those people?


Because I don't need your drama here. I don't need your bad attitude, and I certainly don't need your negativity clouding the air I have to breathe. Or my newsfeed. So by all means-- if that guy wins? LEEEEEAVE!!! As a bonus, if you and all your fellow caring-too-much, overly dramatic cronies leave, that will free up some jobs and opportunities for the rest of us. You know, those of us willing to stick around and deal with life even when it isn't measuring up to our personal perfect standards. Those of us who don't base our entire identities on who sits in the White House. Us.

But while you're packing your bags, I have a quick question for you. 

Where exactly are you going? I mean, what country is it that more closely aligns itself with your personal political, social, moral, and economic ideals? Where is this mythical land where everyone believes the exact same things that you do, where no one dares to offer an alternate opinion, where each and every leader epitomizes your obviously-correct standards for everything? Where the job market, housing market, and healthcare options are exactly to your liking? Please tell me, because surely this place exists...because this is what you're implying when you roll your eyes, sigh in disgust, and declare that if ____ wins, I'm leaving.

And not to be rude, but it makes you sound like a sore loser and a dumbass. 

So with that, sore loser, I bid you farewell. Enjoy wherever it is you're going...we certainly won't miss your drama and hate here.


  1. Amen to that! So far the only commentary on the election that I've found worthwhile has been this post and Jen Hatmaker's

    Election time definitely brings out the worst in people. I'd rather focus my energy on something worthwhile like all the yummy pumpkin flavored treats at this time of year. Forget election day, bring on the pumpkin spice latte!

  2. Haha, I appreciate this as fellow person who doesn't care about politics!

    (Though I must confess I did once say I would move to Canada if Sarah Palin ever ran for President and was elected... please forgive me. It was not so much a political statement as an "I think Sarah Palin is really annoying" statement.)

  3. I've had my 8th grade students say that before. A) You heard that from your mom and B) Who is taking you there??

  4. Ha great post! I do care a little bit about politics BUT I am not a fan of sore losers or people who are not realistic enough to understand that there is not a perfect candidate/situation NOR is there a completely evil/terrible situation... no need to be so dramatic!

  5. Haha. I LOVE politics, but would never move if my party lost because I would miss out on the opportunity to antagonize my husband for the next 4 years with my opinions. (We are on very opposite sides so election seasons are interesting, to say the least). :)

    But, totally agreed, the crazies on both sides are about to put me over the edge.

  6. I DO care about politics, but I totally agree with you. No other country is as close to as wonderful as ours, no matter who is in office.

    And do me a favor. Please DON'T ask that question. Just let them go!!!

  7. I mostly keep my political rantings within the walls of my home, but I ain't threatening to move from the red, white and blue. (Ain't used there for emphasis.. LOL!)

    I love the people that say that they don't agree with Universal Healthcare, so they are moving to Canada. Bwahahahah....

  8. Yeess to all of the above. and I hate facebook right now.

  9. If I could marry this blog, I would. I hate politics. I hate the way people can literally trick themselves into thinking their party is ALWAYS right and the other party is ALWAYS evil. UGHHH. Writing in Ron Paul...

  10. I never cared about politics until I married a political science major. I can tell you from personal experience that the more you know the more you care. I'm NOT saying the more you care the more you know though. Some people have no idea what they're talking about but want to complain, and that drives me craaazy! I have no plans to leave the US, but do feel sad when I think about how our leaders and lawmakers don't even follow the constitution which is the supreme law of this country. We could do better, but no one's perfect! I'm with Colleen (above)...probably writing in Ron Paul!

  11. I used to care about politics. Now I am disillusioned and I don't. But I'm not looking for a new country to move to because there's so much more to a country than who its leaders are.

    However my friend and I do talk about how life will be in "The Church of Karen and Natasha" so maybe that's just as bad?!?!?

  12. I love politics. Love it. However, I hate my Facebook feed right now and all the annoying hyperbole. What did make me laugh though is Jet Blue's "Live Free or Fly" promotion. You can register for one of over 1000 free tickets out of the country if your candidate loses. You have to register where you want to go and who your candidate is prior to the election.


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