Saturday, October 20, 2012

weekend edition

Yesterday after work, I made all my own dreams come true. Well, the dreams that involved buying colored jeans, anyway. I stopped by TJMaxx after work and was rather thrilled by the variety of colors, styles, and price points of their colored denim collection. It didn't take me long to justify purchasing a cheapy-cheap pair of teal jeans. I feel like cheap is the way to go when it comes to something this obviously trendy. I mean, they might be out of style by next week. No need to spend a lot of money, right? Right. 

Then I came home and tried on basically everything in my wardrobe, figuring out how to incorporate the new jeans. Am I the only one who does this? Maybe it's just that it's been SO LONG since I've bought any fun new clothes...and it's finally fall, which means a whole new portion of the wardrobe is available for wearing...and whatever, I don't have to justify my vanity to anyone. :) At any rate, Matt enjoyed the fashion show and I came up with lots of fun new outfits, so it was a useful way to spend time.

Today the weather is beautiful and picturesquely fall, so after we had a yummy birthday breakfast with Matt's family (Happy Birthday Mama Pat!) we headed to a nearby park for a photo shoot in the trees. Guess what pants I wore? Surprise, surprise!

We mostly schlepped around the tripod, trying to get pictures together, since Christmas-card-designing-time is drawing nigh. However...I am definitely not good enough at using this camera to make get most of those pictures to look halfway decent. Too many things going on. I need more practice. But we did get a few fun shots.

Most of the trees here are still green, so it was hard to find the brightly-colored leaves to pose in. When we found one tree with low-hanging colorful leaves, though, we took full advantage!

Most importantly, we had a lot of fun enjoying the weather and the "hike" (which was greatly  influenced by my choice of footwear: great for fashion, not so great for hiking on semi-muddy trails in the woods). If you've never been to Georgia, you are really missing out. I'm so thankful to live in such a beautiful place. And it's a lot easier to remember that on a day like today...and not a day (or months on end) when it's 110 degrees with 400% humidity. So I'll take advantage while I can!

Now-- speaking of things that are SUPER FUN and SUPER FREE-- are you ready for this? 

I'm a huge fan of playing pranks on Matt. He's just SO fun to mess's one of my great joys. And it occurred to me the other day that I've never shared one of my favorite tricks with yall. Surely someone besides me could be getting some mileage and joy out of this one!! So here we go. The first-ever installment of Really Fun Tricks to Play.

You Need: an adult (spouse, roommate, anyone) taking a shower; a cup of tap water; a stool or something if you are exceptionally short 

Procedure: Go in the bathroom where the person is showering. Reach up high, over the top of the shower curtain/door, with your cup of water. Dump it on the unsuspecting person. Double over with glee and laughter as they shriek and curse at the onslaught of cold water. Repeat as necessary-- subsequent attacks are even better because the person is dreading it, but are incapable of escaping (unless, I suppose, you have a really spacious shower). You can even mix things up by not even putting water in your cup (during subsequent attacks), and instead dumping a "cold cup of fear" (trademarked) on them! 

Pros: Everything. It is so hilarious. It's free. It doesn't make a mess. It doesn't actually hurt or damage anyone or anything. It's HILARIOUS.

Cons: Nothing. Except for revenge...but lucky for me, Matt almost NEVER remembers to get me back. 

I feel a lot better now that I've gotten that recorded for posterity. If you ever hear angry shrieks and maniacal laughter coming from our bathroom while the shower's you know why. Let me know how it goes if you try this one out for yourself! Free entertainment! Woohoo!!

I read this today and found it very interesting. Did you know Marilyn Monroe had endometriosis? I'd never heard that, but a quick Google search revealed quite a few sources confirming that fact. Some people, in fact, partly attribute her death (drug overdose) to the huge amount of narcotic painkillers she regularly used in order to control the pain of the disease. Very interesting and sad, in my opinion. 

Well, better get back to cheering on the Aggies and begging Matt to fix me some lunch! Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. I love your new jeans! My mom keeps trying to get me to buy a pair and I just can't do color on the bottom half of me. I know that sounds really weird, but I just can't do it. They look great on you and everyone else I see wearing them though!

  2. Cute jeans and cute pics! And WHOOP for cheering on the Aggies :)

  3. I like to hide my head underneath Marshall's towel (that's draped over the rod/sketch glass-block wall). I keep as much face covered except for an eye. Then I just wait until he reaches for the towel... bwahaha. Are y'all still hiding pilgrims??

  4. I am totally jealous of your Georgia weather. It is currently like a zillion degrees today in Houston. Awesome. :)

  5. Canada will FINALLY be getting Targets (in March!!!) and now I want TJ Maxx too. (See I'm materialistic in my own way! Hahaha!)

    And I want to be on your Christmas Card list because those are beautiful pictures.

    And I want to go to Georgia.

    And I think I need your benefactor's/genie's brother to come work for me when you find him.

    Also, pranks never work for me because Dave always remembers and I always lose. sigh.

  6. Love your jeans - great color. And, you look so beautiful in those photos! :)

  7. Great prank! You should add to get out of the bathroom quickly-- did this to Keen once and somehow (guess I am just too slow) he grabbed the shower sprayer and sprayed ME-- I was in nice clothes AND it totally soaked our bathroom. Still completely worth it though :)

  8. So, what you're saying is, they need to add "pranking your spouse" to the 5 love languages? Glad you have enjoyed your fall-ish day in your cute new jeans!

  9. Love the pictures--the picture of you two together is totally Christmas card worthy.
    The new jeans are fab! I am trying to think of a great picture for our card already too. I am planning on asking for tripod for Christmas. Which one would you suggest?

  10. cute jeans. and cute outfit.

    i ordered my christmas cards today :)

  11. I have tealish colored jeans from last year. You can pretty much wear them with anything. So great color choice! I wear them more than my regular jeans. In my opinion, this is a trend that is here to stay.

  12. Cute jeans! I love how y'all color coordinated with the teal. Fabulous Fall photos! And I'm definitely getting out my step stool and pulling that prank tomorrow morning :)

  13. You look gorgeous in the photos! I love the one of you and Matt - great looking couple! The jeans are super cute. I'm not so sure they'd work on me, though!


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