Saturday, October 13, 2012


Today turned out to be a ridiculously fun day. And I even have a few (hundred, but I'll spare you) pictures to prove it!

First thing this morning I went on a run (generous terminology) with Cat. The weather was perfect, and going for a run on a Saturday morning just basically makes me feel like I'm winning at life.

Then we came home and Matt joined us to OD on pumpkin spice waffles. And pumpkin spice coffee.

Then we hit up the library and a thrift store.

THEN Matt and I got ready to attend a 2:00 wedding for old friends of his. Although I've met them many times, I knew I wouldn't really know anyone at the wedding. Luckily, Matt's brother Stephen is also friends with the guy, so Stephen and Jessica came down from Charlotte for the wedding. So I was excited to get to spend a few hours with Jessica (who also wouldn't really know anyone).

After I dominated a Catholic wedding mass (considering I've been Protestant most of my life, I can hang pretty well with a Catholic wedding. Spending summers at Mass with Catholic family members obviously paid off), we headed to the reception venue for the cocktail hour. 

The weather was absolutely perfect for the indoor-outdoor reception. We spent most of the afternoon/evening outside, and the grounds were beautiful.

Here I am with my crew. It was such fun being able to spend time with Jess and Steve-- especially with someone else providing and funding the food and beverages! 

Jessica cut her bangs so that she could be just like me. Aren't we cute??!

Once the sun went down, Jessica and I (with Matt and Stephen occasionally joining us) dedicated our lives to tearing up the dance floor. I feel like we were enormously successful, given how extremely sore, sweaty, and hoarse I was once the DJ shut it down. I was a big fan of the DJ and all of the people requesting music (like us). We enjoyed a wide variety of tunes, including Sexy and I Know It, Gangnam Style, Livin' on a Prayer, Wobble, and Ice Ice Baby. Basically it was awesome. 

After dancing we waved sparklers while the bride and groom left. Notice that my hair-- which I actually WORE DOWN and STYLED for once-- has migrated back into its normal twisty bun position. Long hair is no bueno on the dance floor. Here I am a hot, sweaty, nasty, happy mess.

All in all, the afternoon/night was fantastic. And I would be remiss to finish my summary without sharing the words of wisdom Jessica bestowed upon me early in the evening (before dancing) when I expressed that I was feeling a tiny bit cold. "You're cold? Drink more alcohol! It warms you up! I mean...that's what homeless people do..."

Upon coming home, we spent some time chatting with our roomies about the phenomena of people using their children's/baby's pictures as their own FB profile picture. Cat happens to be one of those people, because-- and I quote-- "I just don't like any pictures of myself."

Determined to remove that barrier to her FB profile picture freedom, I took it upon myself to "fix" one of her pictures to make it a little...better.

What can I say? I'm a giver. Profile picture conundrum SOLVED!

Thanks to PicMonkey for the amazing special effects. 

And with that, my evening of ridiculousness is complete. 


  1. Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

  2. Love your dress! Looks like it was a fun day!

  3. Your dress is awesome! You look amazing. I want that dress but I know I would look dumb in it instead of amazing :) And that does sound like a ridiculously fun day.

    And If the corn-maze-leader job doesn't work out then I think you should have an "I can totally make your Facebook picture awesome" business.

  4. Sounds like an amazing day! As other commenters already pointed out, you look gorgeous!

    So, is that zombie-chef picture based on a real picture? You have some mad editing skills if there was a real person under all of that craziness! How do you feel about profile pics with the profile owner PLUS other people? I almost always have my husband in the picture with me because he is just so darn cute and often my favorite pics of myself have him in them, too. And I think it looks weird to crop him out.

  5. i'm a little jealous that you got to tear it up on the dance floor - that's my favorite thing about weddings! Glad you made the most of it!

  6. Sounds like a fun night, and I agree with Allison- dancing is the best part! Also, that picture you "edited" of your friend terrifies me. Thanks.

  7. Your dress is so cute - love that navy and white combo! I ALSO hate when people use pictures of their dogs/kids/lunch for their Facebook profile. One of my husband's friends mother has a HIGH SCHOOL picture of her as her Facebook profile. I'm like...ummm....creepy.

    I wish there was sparklers at MY wedding.


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