Wednesday, October 17, 2012

on needing a wealthy benefactor

So last night a friend of mine called an impromptu Ladies' Night (the proper punctualization of that phrase really stresses me out. Feel free to correct me if I botched it). I mean, tell me-- is there anything more exciting in life than a Monday night text that says "margaritas tomorrow at 8 at ___?" (If your answer is "yes," then...well, good for you. Hope you enjoy your super fab life.) Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures. I was too busy laughing and actually having fun. Imagine that.

But as I was enjoying my mojito (because I'm a rebel like that and drink mojitos on Margarita Night), I had flashbacks to another wonderful and fun and delicious moment in time:

Why can't I just live on vacation? WHY!??!! Why is life so unfair??!! I mean, this picture is perfection. Granted, it's not a mojito (I believe this drink was called the Bob Marley)...I had to switch things up some times...but oh man this picture makes me feel happy. Tan legs. Frosty drink. Kindle (in its lifesaving AND cost-effective "waterproof case" (Ziplock bag)). A pool. Neon nailpolish. 

I need another vacation.

Which brings me to my final point (as though there were other points before this...): I need a wealthy benefactor. Or a genie. Or something/someone along those lines.

In addition to all-inclusive vacations, here are the things I currently "need" my benefactor/genie to fund:  A pair of colored jeans (mustard or plum, I'm thinking). A manicure. New workout clothes (I've decided most of mine are totally uncool and not flattering). New running shoes (preferably the trendy ones with neon/bright colors). A haircut. The Naked palette (I have been wanting it for over 6 months, which qualifies it as a need now). A non-Ziplock case for my Kindle.

In other words, hardly anything at all. Clearly I am not a materialistic or selfish person at all.

But seriously. I'd settle for just another vacation. 

The End.

(PS. Relatedly, is anyone else loving this season of Modern Family as much as me?? I mean, I get a ridiculous perma-smile every time I think about that show. LOVE IT.)


(PPPS. My gym is sponsoring a ZOMBIE ZUMBA night on Friday in downtown Winder-- how fun is that??!! Doing Zumba while dressed up like a Zombie? Could you possibly combine the loves of my life any more perfectly? The answer is yes: Zombie Zumba could take place on a beach.)


  1. I need one too. If you know of anyone looking when you find yours.

  2. I would also like one, and if I come across one, I will ask them to grant some of your wishes!

  3. I have that same "kindle case" for my camera :) Zombie Zumba will be fun... you'll have to do a little choreographed "Thriller" routine! And yes, Modern Family is the funniest show. Love it!

  4. i need a vacation too i always need a vacation on top of my vacation! i love how your e-reader is in a plastic baggie

  5. Ditto, girl! Add tall gorgeous leather boots and a few new pair of Danko clogs in fabulous colors (for work, of course) and I'm all set!!! Where oh where is our sugar Daddy?!?!

  6. I figured out what to get you for your 30th - a genie! Thanks for the great suggestion. Just remember to make one of your 3 wishes to be to have unlimited wishes and then gift a few to me, ok?

  7. We did Zombie Zumba last year and it was so fun! I have to miss it this year because I am chaperoning a middle school dance- which is pretty similar to Zombie Zumba...

  8. here here for Modern Fam . . . hilarious.

  9. Sigh- you know there are so many things I would love to have, too!! We are hoping they publish Phil's-osophy. It would live on our coffee table and be passed down through the generations. :)

  10. Can't help you with the genie, but recommendation for colored jeans: TARGET. They have a great selection. I am LOVING the fit, and adoring the price.

  11. Target has awesome colored jeans! I went today to find a pair of pants I can wear until I fit into my pre preggo ones. They have mustard! I was tempted by them and a pair of gray ones with little polka dots. But I figure if I'm gonna spend money on a pair of temporary pants I should go for regular jean colored ones. Sigh.

  12. I affirm your punctualization of Ladies' Night. And my life never include margaritas (or mojitos) on a Tuesday night. Or any other night for that matter. I need different friends :)

    And yesterday I saw a sign for a Zombie Ladies' Roller Derby and I thought of you. If you're not doing anything next weekend, and your benefactor/genie appears before then, feel free to come on up to Canada and we can check it out!

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