Friday, October 12, 2012

worst blogger ever?

I think I deserve the Worst Blogger Ever award this week. I mean, what kind of person just drops off the face of the earth (after leaving you with some admittedly freakin' hilarious reading material) and ceases to blog for like...3 whole days? Anyways. My guilty conscience has me here trying to fill the blogging void in my heart at 11pm on a Friday night.

Here's the things that've been absorbing my time and thoughts this week:

1. Pumpkin stuff. It's a little bit out of control this year. Here are a few things I came home with from a trip to Trader Joe's this week. As a note-- these are all repeat purchases. As in...I've already bought them at least once this fall and ran out and am back for more. I just felt like that was relevant information.

Basically, I need my mouth to taste like fall at all times. Also, on this particular trip to TJs, I noticed that there were pumpkin spice DOG TREATS. Amazingly, I resisted the urge to let Lola in on my pumpkin love-fest. 

2. I got my bribe cookies from Canada!!!

What could be in this mysterious box?

Just some amazingly delicious (and still chewy) double chocolate chip cookies from Natasha in CANADA!!!!

And to answer the inevitable question-- no, they did not come via UPS. Looks like the good ol' regular USPS took care of the delivery. But I wasn't even home when they came, so it really didn't matter at all. In the end, homemade Canadian cookies are fantastic no matter who delivers them to your doorstep. (Note to blog readers in other countries: My next life goal is to receive cookies from a non-North American country. I know you guys are out there--just let me know if you want to help this dream come true!! Haha.)

3. Related to #1 & #2...I made my official Zumba comeback this week!! I haven't been since JUNE, when I had my unfortunate foot injury. And then surgery in August. And then I got better from surgery, but my foot is still stupid. But then I committed my life to eating pumpkin-flavored junk food and Canadian cookies and if I ever hope to fit into my clothes, I'm going to have to say DAMN THE TORPEDOS (or foot, as the case may be), FULL SPEED  AHEAD (to Zumba). And so I did, on Wednesday, and it was GREAT!! I definitely took it a little easy, modifying all of the jumping moves, but judging by the way my entire body (not just my foot) feels like I was ran over by a truck even two days later...I will call it a rousing success. I can't wait to get back into going regularly (and not looking like a professional cookie eater anymore).

4. Finally, I've been completely absorbed in my NEW FAVORITE BOOKS EVER. And yes, I find new favorite books every single week. But that doesn't make it any less thrilling. Trust me. Anyway-- THESE books are filling the Hunger Games-shaped hole in my heart. I have a love for young adult dystopian novels, but the recent rash of poorly written HG knock-offs is NOT what I'm jonesing for. Luckily, I happened upon "The Last Years" series (only 2 books so far, will eventually be four-- a quadrilogy??) the other day.

I managed to snag the first book, Whispers in Autumn, for free on my Kindle (it's now back to $3.99). It was SO GOOD! It felt like a really good mash-up of Hunger Games and the Giver, obviously two of my favorite books/series of all time. There were quite a few new/different elements to the story/world, though, so it felt fresh and new, and the story was fantastic. This is the author's first novel and I was SO impressed. Actually, I pretty much want to be best friends with the author, Trisha Leigh. So Trisha Leigh, if you're out there and you read this, call me, maybe? I think we could be besties. This book actually made me SO happy that upon finishing it I immediately downloaded AND PAID FOR the second book, Winter Omens.

The fact that I paid for it should really tell you something, because I really despise paying for books. And I was super willing to pay for this one. And I just finished reading it a few minutes ago and am now basically dying inside until the next one comes out (which I believe will be in December? Trisha Leigh, can I get like an advanced copy or something? Since we're BFF? Kthanks) So anyways, if you have no exciting weekend plans, you should go read both of these books (in order). I'm letting my roomie Cat read them (on my Kindle) now, but after she's done, if anyone wants me to do the Kindle-share thing, I'd be happy to let you borrow them. But seriously, the $8 investment would be well worth it to just get them now. So don't delay. 

Whew. Well, now that I've unloaded all those exciting stories on you (just pretend they were exciting, okay?)...I think I need to hit the sack. Tomorrow promises to be full of fun things (like a wedding! and pretty weather!), and then Sunday is WALKING DEAD I need my rest. Happy Weekend to you!


  1. Yum to the pumpkin stuff! Fall food is simply THE BEST! I need to make my way to Trader Joe's to look around now (I think I have only been there once and it was like 3 years ago!).

    Sorry I can't help you out with the foreign cookies...I'm excited to see where you get some from! Maybe Norway would be nice, those peeps don't shy away from butter and their baked goods are pretty delish!

    Way to go on your zumba return! Hope that your foot gets all the way better soon!

    As a fellow person who works in a school setting, how do you have time and energy to read during the school year? From September-May my "reading time" almost always turns into "nap time." Do you read right after getting home from work? I need to find a way to get reading back into my non-summer life!

  2. About to enjoy a pumpkin spice frap and we had spicy pumpkin pancakes for dinner last night and the night before, so I feel you in the pumpkin love!

  3. That TJ's pumpkin muffin /bread mix is the BEST I've ever tried. Love it! Muffins are so moist!! Enjoyed some pumpkin spice coffee with pumpkin coffee mate creamer this AM.... Heaven.

  4. I recently enjoyed some chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, but you are obviously way ahead of me in the pumpkin consumption department! Also, 11 pm is really late in my book... I'm impressed.

  5. Not having a TJ's makes me want to cry! I really miss the pumpkin pancake mix....and dont even get me started on holiday season. Peppermint joes joes come to me!
    And yay for book recommendations! Nursing a baby half the day has me in dire need of some good reading material.

  6. I just googled Whispers in Autumn to find out what it is about. I plan to read it, but wanted to see if you have read The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I think you would like it if you haven't already read it.

  7. I wish my libraries carried the Trisha Leigh series since it sounds really good. I also love The Giver.

    And I have an awesome recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins if you would like. They are simply the best pumpkin muffins I have ever eaten.

  8. I got the pumpkin spice coffee, too! Did you also get some of the Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli?? I got two and haven't tried them, yet, but I'm sure I'll love it. The butternut squash ravioli this time of year at Mirko is my FAVE. Seriously, it's time for a visit.


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