Friday, October 26, 2012

fun friday should be every week

Last night I had the weirdest dream. Matt and I were traveling in London and tons of bad things kept happening. Most notably, we drove off a bridge into a body of water. TWICE. Somehow we managed to get our Civic back each time, though...but later in the dream, I couldn't find Matt (or the Civic), so I just stole someone's car and drove aimlessly around London (on the wrong side of the road, of course) thinking that maybe I'd run into him. Tons of other bad stuff happened too, like when a very small person (maybe a child?) shot me, and when we were running into drugstores trying to find a take-at-home AIDS test (????) with no success...and all in all, I woke up very happy to be in Georgia and not looking to plan any trips to London anytime soon. My British alter-ego is just too much. 

I had the day off today, so Matt took a vacation day. This made today qualify for FUN FRIDAY status. We enjoyed the lovely weather and spent the entire day tending our neglected-since-surgery-in-August yard and flower beds. I swear there were weeds bigger than me. Plus it's time to get the flower beds in order for winter. It was a lot of hard work and manual labor, but I accomplished about 75% of what needed to get done, so I called it a successful day. And since we worked so hard and cleared out some space, I decided to treat myself to some new friends (fall/winter plants) at the nursery. 

Shopping for flowers is my favorite because they are beautiful and they never make you look fat. Unfortunately, I've been banned from flower-shopping since June, because in June I made the mistake of adding up how much money I'd spent on flowers this year. Since it added up to more than the GDP of several countries, I had to put an immediate hiatus on my flower-buying. Today I called the hiatus off because I felt like I've learned my lesson and also because it's a new season, so I actually need new flowers...since the summer ones aren't just going to keep blooming...obviously. 

Anyway, while wandering about the nursery in a dream-like state (I HAVEN'T BEEN THERE SINCE JUNE. THIS IS A LONG TIME FOR ME!! Plus it's a really fun nursery) I saw some gorgeous flowers I've never seen before. Attracted by the showy, strangely-shaped hot pink and white blooms, I sprinted meandered over for a closer look.

Sorry that you can't actually see the FLOWER in this picture. I was so distracted by the NAME of the sorta absorbed my attention. Cyclamen??!! I'm sorry, but is this a flower or a fertility drug we're talking about? Oh my gosh. I almost died laughing right there in the aisle. I'm sure no one else in the nursery saw the humor, but SERIOUSLY? That sounds like something you take on CD 5-9 or something. Now I am not only attracted to the flower, but doubly in love because of the name. I want to buy some because I think they will a) beautify my yard, and b) help me get pregnant. Unfortunately, there wasn't room in the budget for them today, but if any of you were thinking about getting me a Happy Fall present...there you go. I'm sure they'll ship beautifully via UPS.

Luckily there was room in the budget for a few beauties. And might I say-- see those giant purple mums? ONE DOLLAR EACH. Thankyouverymuch. You should applaud me for only getting two.

After returning home and spending another few hours potting and planting all the new loot, my back was basically broken (bending over all day will do that to I'm like 100 years old) and I was DONE with the hard work. We decided that the only logical way to finish the day would be on the porch at our neighborhood taqueria with a pitcher of Dos Equis and an abundance of guac/queso/bean dip.

Don't worry, we also ordered entrees, lest you think we starved to death.

And that, my friends, is a perfect Friday off. 

Also-- I've been diversifying my social networking lately. Because sometimes 200 ways of staying in touch with what people are doing isn't enough, right?? So it's good that more things keep getting invented. Anyway-- if you happen to be using Storylane or Goodreads...well, so am I. Both of those links should take you to my profile, so let's be friends!


  1. Every time you post a picture of those chips/dips (from the same restaurant, I assume), I am instantly jealous that I'm not eating it. Glad you earned it and enjoyed it today!

  2. 1. what a crazy dream! I am really surprised that you were able to remember so much. I usually forget mine. You were probably dreaming about London since all the Olympic watching you did this summer. I don't know about you but Tom and I sure did want to visit London after seeing the Olympics.

    2. I cannot believe you got those mums for a dollar a piece. So Jealous!!

    3. Also jealous that you ate at that taco place. Feel free to UPS that to me bc the stuff up here that they call 'mexican' food just aint cutting it. ha!

    4. Sounds like a fun day. How sweet of Mattie to take a day off with you!

  3. How have I not heard of good reads until now? And please explain storylane

    to me. I got an invite for it and didn't know if it would be something worthy of my time.

  4. On the topic of manual labor, I spent two hours hauling dead tree stumps from our backyard to the curb for green waste pickup (while Clara was napping). WHY did I not rejuvenate with drinks + chips + queso????? That will be happening asap!!

  5. Ok I'm going to need your tutelage for any potential preparing-the-plants-for-winter that I need to know about. I just want them to still be alive come April.

  6. Your dream was crazy! I hate having dreams like that. I usually wake up sweating like a fat pig and searching furiously for my husband who is always sound asleep right beside me, then I lay there panicked until I finally go back to sleep. Fun times.

    I wish I took as much pride in tending to my flower beds as you do. I get annoyed with mine and never do anything until my mother in law comes over to pull the weeds, then I realize how out of control they really are. Better luck next year!

  7. Hey Erika. I'm a newbie blogger. I came across your blog recently and just wanted to say thanks for your openness. I am having the same surgery this Wednesday that you had in August and it was really helpful to read your posts...I feel like I have a better idea of what to expect now. Thanks!

  8. Holy cow! You are AMAZING to get all of that done in one day! And Cyclamen totally sounds like a fertility drug...pretty sure I saw that on the stirrup covers at my clinic at some point. And I love mums! Round of applause for you all the way from MN for limiting yourself to 2!

  9. Too bad our cities aren't closer because I could seriously use your help - I am a pitiful gardner but really want to learn! Your flowers are lovely!! Also, I think (but not sure) those fertility-drug flowers might be harmful to kitties. (Now they say that about practically all flowers and my felines eat everything I put out without much of an issue...)

  10. I can't believe you only got TWO mums. I got way more than two when I went mum shopping and I spent way more than $1 each!

    Also I can't wait for it to stop raining so I can finish up the work in our yard. At this rate it'll be Christmas before I get out there. Although this coming weekend is looking good (sun, no rain, not warm but you can't win them all!) so we'll see...

    And don't go to London. I don't think you would survive.

  11. Cyclamen... maybe that is for male fertility? You know.. to help with THEIR PMS?

    I love your Mexican food pictures. I totally crave Mexican at every opportunity that I can make up an excuse for a craving. Stressed? Relaxed? Impending stress? Mexican cures it all!

    Oh? It didn't cure it? Well then I should eat some more.. that will work right?

    Except I am more of a Corona and lime kinda girl.

    Off to check out the links!


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